Living in Downtown Collingwood

Four season resort meccas like Collingwood are blessed with a myriad of attractions, each with its own unique charm, but the pulsing heart of it all is unmistakably downtown. This is where the largest selection of shopping and services are located and this is where the tone is set for the entire region.


It's all about convenience

One of the undeniable benefits of upscale living is the luxury of convenience. That's why accomplished people often choose to have the essentials of life close at hand. It's hard to beat the spirited active lifestyle that's right outside your door in downtown Collingwood.


Downtown has it all

A pleasant five-minute stroll takes you to downtown's full complement of shopping and services. Enjoy unique specialty shops, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, theatres, banks, plus an arena, library and museum. Even fashionable names like Sporting Life are part of the scene.

Never a dull moment

You'll never get bored living in downtown Collingwood. There's an endless string of activities to enjoy, from music festivals, to art festivals, to live theatre, plus a weekly farmer's market throughout the summer. Something is always on the go downtown!

Leading health care facilities

Just in case it's ever needed, it's comforting to know there are several health care practitioners within a couple of blocks and the finest health care facility in the region is just five minutes from your door.

Collingwood’s finest attribute

In addition to the stimulation of a vibrant downtown, one of Collingwood’s biggest attractions is the unmistakable friendliness of the people. It’s hard to explain until you experience it first hand, but people here just seem to smile a lot, they’re happy and that can make a world of difference to the place you call home.